Overengineering this site to perfection

So I’ve written on here before how I made this site and the philosophy behind it, but recently I’ve made some changes that I want to detail here. I discovered the 512kb.club, which is a cool website listing a bunch of sites who’s homepage is under 512kb (mine included). When I found it, my homepage was around 10.5kb, and the site inspired me to minimize it to an even smaller size, which I did. This sent me down a long rabbit hole of minification, GitHub Actions, and optimizing every byte of code.

I started off completely rewriting my CSS, and got it down from about 4kb to less than 1. I used some trickery like splitting the highlight code, which was worth nearly 3kb on its own, into a seperate highlight.css file, since it’s not necessary for every single page. I also just removed a bunch of old stuff that wasn’t necessary anymore, which definetely helped.

Next off, I wanted to add some minification to make sure every file was as small as possible. However, this raised the issue of editing minified files; by definition, they are not made for humans to edit and read. So how did I solve this?

Github Actions

I was really surprised with how awesome GitHub Actions (and just DevOps in general) is. The Github free plan allowed me to spin up a server for free and automatically run repetitive tasks, like minification of my HTML and CSS. I also set up a simple script to automatically update the commit at the bottom of the page with a link to the respective commit on GitHub. Completely useless, but I love it.


And yeah, that’s it pretty much. I don’t have much else to say other than the site is now better, and DevOps is cool.