My New Year's resolutions

So I've been on a self-improvement journey for a while now. As the new year comes soon, I want to set realistic, achievable goals that will genuinely help me in life. I've set lots of goals before, and failed on some of them, and succeeded on others, so I really want to be smart about it. So I'm setting up a plan now that I can follow. So my idea is to try 12 new habits in 2022: one each month. I also want to log the goals with my friends and family so they can keep me accountable and invite them to participate. Ideally I would ramp up the difficulty of each one every time. Also I should keep in mind that I'm not meant to stick to every single one for the rest of my life, just see what works and what doesn't. Hopefully writing this down here now gives me a point to come back to if I'm not motivated. This idea isn't my own, I stole it from Matt D'Avella. Also stolen from him, I'll try the two day rule: you can skip some days for your habits, but never two or more days in a row.

I also want to write about my experiences and thoughts on this site, so hopefully you can take some away and help your own life. My idea is that, if I set each habit up so that it helps the next one, I'll be more successful. For example, if I want to read more and wake up earlier, I could read more one month at night, which in turn would help me sleep better, which in turn would help me sleep earlier. So here are my current ideas for the 12 habits I'll try this coming year: